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Texas Wade, Paddle & Pole is a growing community of ethical and responsible shallow-water anglers. Our goal is to promote education, conservation, and management to insure a healthy system of coastal flats and estuaries for current and future fishing generations.

Since 1960, our coastal population has more than doubled, and many forecast models predict that the number of costal residents is likely to double again within the next 30 years.

In recent years we have seen a disturbing increase in irresponsible boating and fishing methods on our shallow flats. For this fishery to remain healthy and sustainable, responsible users must join together as a unified voice and promote ways to equitably share our world class coastal flats.

What we support:

  • Anglers that access highly pressured Texas coastal flats by utilizing wading, paddling, poling, drifting and (electric) trolling, so as to lower cumulative impacts to the fishery. 

  • Protection of the sensitive seagrass habitat that builds and sustains our inshore fisheries. 

  • Efforts to educate boaters and anglers on the ethical and responsible use of our resources.

  • The establishment of Low Impact Fishing Areas (LIFA's) in certain highly impacted and pressured areas:

    A LIFA would be a defined managerial area located within the Texas inland coastal waters. A LIFA would be open to all users and methods of access, however running motorized craft outside of designated access lanes would be prohibited. The engine of a motorized craft must be turned off and raised if possible. The use of electric trolling motors in these areas would be allowed. The use of motorized craft during duck seasons, and for a designated time period before and after duck season would be allowed.

    The purpose of a LIFA is to provide a managerial model to conserve and protect sensitive natural resources located within areas managed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department under their code 13.01, and to discourage destructive and/or disruptive human behavior within such areas.

    Pursuant to Texas Parks & Wildlife code / chpt. 61 / subchpt A / 61.002, the establishment of a LIFA is "to insure reasonable and equitable enjoyment of the privileges of ownership and pursuit of wildlife resources".

  • The establishment of more public access points for waders and paddlers so that existing locations might receive less pressure.

What we oppose:

  • The closure of any area to fishing. 

  • Boaters (prop, air, or jet) that run across shallow coastal fishing flats in an effort to locate fish (burning), short cut across flats, or thrill ride in areas where others are fishing.

  • The destruction of valuable seagrass habitat and the harassment and disturbance of fish and anglers by boaters that utilize the above unethical tactics.

  • Tournaments, fishing guides, outdoor media, conservation groups, and boat/tackle manufacturers that promote this type of behavior through film, articles and product endorsement.


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